ICAAP 2019
Progress, barriers, and opportunities for 2020 and beyond

13th International Congress on AIDS in Asia & the Pacific

18 - 21 September 2019

Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre, WA, Australia

13th ICAAP to be postponed in challenging funding environment

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We invite you to join us at this exciting multidisciplinary conference which will bring together leaders from the community, clinicians and funders.

The conference will explore the theme “Getting our act together –progress, barriers and opportunities for 2020 and beyond”.

1. How can communities fully engage in the sector response to identify, solve and act on challenges and opportunities to achieve significant gains in the response to HIV&AIDS in Asia and the Pacific regions?

2. How can clinicians and other health service providers build their capacities to properly implement high quality and evidence based impactful state of the art prevention and treatment interventions?

3. How are responsible duty bearers including governments and civil society stakeholders held accountable to ensure that both resources and an enabling environment to solve inaction to achieve the interim fast track goals set for 2020 and beyond?

And how, together can we collaborate on and explore solutions to act to get the job done in the Asia and Pacific regions?